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February Blog Post from 5th/6th Class

Stop Bullying


The pupils and the teachers of this school want to make this school a nice and peaceful experience for everyone. Therefore, the children in 5th class and 6th class have been participating in a new form of teaching called Circle Time.


Circle Time is where the children spend around 45 minutes talking about different topics such as bullying and about how we can prevent. The first few lessons, the 2 groups talked about words that people should not use to call/describe people and how bullying affects you personally.


Our groups have explored different topics for example; conflict. The groups have been learning about ways to stop bullying using pictures, scenarios and poems that show you how people feel when they get bullied or hurt. The groups also participated in freeze framing in scenes where people were being bullied and we acted out the appropriate way to react.


This program was put in place to help children to deal with bullying. Since this program has come into effect, the teachers have heard less reports of bullying in our school.


By Sinead and Eva!

Cake Sale

On Friday, the 9th of February, we had a cake sale in St. Joseph’s. Everyone in fifth and sixth class made some buns or cakes to bring in to sell. Lots of parents and other students also made a lot of delicious cakes and buns. Both kids and parents could buy cakes to eat or bring home. There were lots of chocolate cakes, donuts, muffins, tea cakes, biscuits, icing cakes and rice crispy cakes.It was on for the whole day  and it was really fun.

By Suey and Yu Xin

Zia & Amy 🙂

GAA Champions!!

The boys and girls of St Joseph’s play a Cuala GAA tournament every year against other local teams. Our team is made up of 4th, 5th and 6th class. We were lucky enough to make it to the final this year. Here is how the match went.

In the first half , St. Joseph’s were losing by 5 goals, then in the second half, St. Joseph’s came back. There was only one point separating the teams in the dying moments of the match. St Joseph’s had a free kick in the last minutes and Aaron Murphy banged it in the top left corner. It put hope in the match because for the first time in the match St Joseph’s were winning. We ended up winning by one goal and one point. Niamh and Amy lifted the cup for us. We were never as happy when we won the match. Mr. Staunton and Mr. McCarthy threw a party for us when we came back to school. It was a brilliant day.

International Day


On the 13th of February, we had a day to celebrate International Day in school and it started at 9:30. We had various parents and students from different countries taking part. Everybody was wearing traditional clothes and garments. There were stalls with food, flags and information in the hall. They also gave information and brought ancient materials. Nayan and I looked around and found out lots of new facts. At the end of the day, there was two traditional dances – Indian and Chilean. They were excellent to see and really different to Irish dancing. There was also loads of really tasty food and things to sample. It was a really fun and interesting day. I can’t wait for it again next year.

James and Nayan

Paired Reading with Senior Infants

On Monday 19/2/18, fifth and sixth class went down to Mr. McCarthy’s class. Each fifth and sixth class student was paired up with a senior infant. We asked them what type of books they like and what themes they preferred. We then went down to DLR Library in Dun Laoghaire. We had to pick out a book they liked but it had to be easy to read and short.


Some people found it hard to find the book the child wanted. Most children wanted animal, adventure, princess or funny books. Everyone picked a book and we left the library. When we got back to school, we went back down to Senior Infants. We each went to our partner, we showed them the books and read it to them. Then we left the books down in their classroom so they could read it during the week and we went back up to our classroom. It was a really nice experience as we got to read to younger children in our school and help them to learn how to read.

By Amy, Niamh & Zia



Every Thursday Pinar comes into 5th and 6th class to teach us about science.We do experiments every week, which are really fun. This week we learned about space and the solar system. We watched  songs and videos to help us understand better.

Last week we made the solar system from styrofoam balls, we colored them and they turned out cool!

She teaches us in a way we understand and have fun. Like in one experiment, we were representing atoms with jelly babies and toothpicks. We learn about all aspects of science including Physics, Chemistry and Biology. It is really hands on and interesting to learn about.

By Lily and Millie:)


Last year in May, my class and I completed a Triathlon. We started with swimming in the Bluepool. When we got there, we all changed into our swimming gear. We did a lot of laps and Mr. McCarthy helped us to keep track of our laps and our progress. When we finished our laps, we got back into our clothes and walked back to school.  When we got back to school, we started with our running laps. After a few laps, we jumped on our bikes and started cycling. We then went between running and cycling until we had completed the triathlon. In my opinion the swimming was my favourite. It is really cool to say that we completed a triathlon.

By Lauren Byrne Mooney

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