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January Blog Post from 3rd Class

3rd Class Trip to Google

On Friday 12th of January, our class went to the Google Headquarters. We got the bus from the school lane to right outside the building. The building was huge. Then we went inside for our tour. We met Bart and Andrew who were the people that were going to give us our tour.
First, we went upstairs to a waiting area. The waiting area had a beach scene with some sun loungers that we could sit on. Then they showed us a glass bridge called the Web Bridge that joined the Google buildings and could bring you from one building to another. A few offices had some pool tables and football tables so a few people from our class got very excited about that! Another office had a cardboard YouTube stand where you could take some fun photos. When we went up to the 11th floor I could see the church steeple in Dun Laoghaire where my Dad works. Andrew told me that Google Headquarters was the tallest building in Dublin and the 2nd tallest building in Ireland.
Then we had our lunch in the Conference Room where we would also have our presentation. After lunch my teacher showed me little fish jumping out of the water in Grand Canal Dock. It looked really cool. Then Bart gave a presentation. The presentation was called “The Magic Behind Computer Science”. The presentation was made by Bart and was aimed in particular for the girls to develop a greater interest in the subject of Computer Science. We learnt a lot about some leading women who work in Google and Pixar Animation Studios. This was very interesting because we are also learning how to code animation in our class by using Scratch and Minecraft. We are also learning about Story bird and how to use word documents. This trip also made us think about what we would like to do or be in the future.
After the presentation Bart gave us some sheets to give our feedback. Then it was time to go home. I had an amazing day at the Google Headquarters!

3rd Class Trip to Google

On Friday 12th we went to Google headquarters and then we met Bart and Andrew who brought us around. Then we went inside Google headquarters and they showed us the swimming pool and the gym.  Then we went to the hall and saw in the kitchen the pool game.

After that we went to the elevator with Bart and Andrew. Then we went to the conformance Room and we ate our lunch. After that we got to listen to 3 video’s. Then we got a sheet about Google. Then we got Go

ogle pen’s and we got back to the bus. Then a Teacher got us a surprise. The surprise was that we got to go to Burger king. Then we went back to school.



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