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Welcome to Saint Joseph's School

Happy New Year to everyone in our school community.
We hope you had an enjoyable Christmas and New Year celebrations.

Pádraic Fay, Principal of St. Joseph's School

Latest Updates

Leading up to Christmas 2018 we had some very enjoyable events in the school.

Our Senior Carol Service was on Tuesday 11th December and our Junior Carol Service was on Wednesday 12th December. The hall was packed to capacity on both days for the performances.

Great credit is due to everyone involved in preparing the children for the carol singing. Many weeks were spent practising for the events. The performances were extremely professional and were enjoyed by all.

The annual Christmas Fair took place on Friday 14th December. The Parents’ Association have been preparing since September for this event which is one of the major annual events in our school calendar. We are extremely grateful to the Parents’ Association for all their hard work organising this event. The day was a huge success.

We are also extremely grateful to everyone else who was involved in any way in the organisation of the Fair and Raffle.

We are also very grateful to everyone who donated a prize for the raffle. There were some fantastic prizes on the day.

Finally, many of the pupils have heard me talking about the mischief which the Christmas Elf created in my office. I am delighted to let everyone know that my office is now a tidy place every morning, now that the elf has finished his mischief.

Pádraic Fay, Principal

St. Joseph's School. Mission Statement.

At St. Joseph’s we will provide a well ordered, caring, stimulating and safe learning environment, where the intellectual, spiritual, physical and emotional needs of all the pupils are met in accordance with the revised Primary Curriculum of 1999.

Each individual pupil is challenged to reach his / her potential and is encouraged towards independence and self-fulfilment.

Pupils are taught to care for each other and for the world around us.

We encourage the involvement of the parents through home / school contacts and through their involvement in the Parents’ Association.

We place a high emphasis on literacy and numeracy skills.

The school has a Catholic ethos.

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